GoodCheddar is focused on helping Canadians not only find suitable loan options, but also to become financially fit and better manage their income, budget, savings and more.

Let’s face it, money makes the world go around. Having a handle on it and how to manage it is going to matter. GoodCheddar can help get you there. We want to help you to achieve financial freedom to take control of your finances, but it all starts with by providing the necessary education. Many are unlikely to take it upon themselves to at least learn the basics of personal finance. But doing so won’t help if you are living paycheque to paycheque. Learning about responsible borrowing also makes sense. So that you don’t wind up with bad credit, or already have and can never seem to improve it, you should read up on how things work. From debt and budgeting to loans and what you should know about them, GoodCheddar provides personal finance advice that may help.

Over half of Canadians don’t check their credit score, and many are not aware of what it might be.

If you find yourself using online loans at times and not aware of your credit score, you can get a copy for free at Equifax or TransUnion. This is a great start to taking control of your finances if you don’t know your score.

You owe it to yourself to manage your credit profile. Because there will come a time you need a loan, and you want to be eligible for good rates when you do.

If you find a need for credit or at least some insights regarding personal finance, we’re here when you need us.


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