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Applying online for unsecured personal loans is a quick and easy way to get the money you need with fixed monthly payments.

You can use personal loans for anything from bills or unexpected expenses to repairs, moving, medical bills, wedding costs, travel and much more. How you choose to use the money would be up to you. 

Best Personal Loan Rates

The best online personal loan rates are not always dependent on the interest rates alone. Sometimes the best rates are about loan options that might fit with your own finances and be a monthly payment that works with your budget due to a longer term. While you can take a longer term which can lower your monthly payment, it also increases the amount of interest you will have to pay when borrowing.

Finding the best personal loan and rates requires looking at the APR (annualized percentage rate) which could include any additional fees that might be associated with a personal loan, along with the terms and credit requirements. So when you are looking to compare for the best personal loan rates it isn’t just the interest rates that you should look at, also consider the APR.

Most personal loan rates are fixed between about 6% and 46.96% on average in Canada and depend on your credit score among other things for what a lender might offer. For the most part, the better your credit score is the better the interest rate available to you.

Your credit score often determines what your options might be and what you may qualify for regarding interest rates when borrowing.

Estimate: Payments on $2,000 loan with 1 year term by Credit Score

Credit Rating 

Credit Score 


Monthly Payment 



579 or Less

Over 60%




580 – 659

36 – 60%

$200 – $226

$411 – $720


660 – 759

15 – 35%

$180 – $199

$166 – $399

Very Good

760 – 799

9 – 14%

$175 – $180

$98 – $155


800 or More

5 – 8%

$170 – $174

$43 – $87

You should always check the APR of a loan and not just the interest rate since this can provide the true cost of borrowing that may reveal fees.
Also read a loan agreement before signing to understand the terms and look for things like prepayment penalties or other fees. 

The above chart provides estimations for the purpose of personal loan rates by credit score and are not actual offers.

Note that many lenders scheduled payments are relative to your salary payment frequency, such as bi-weekly. 

Personal Loans Online Approval

When shopping for personal loans with online approval it isn’t difficult to find options. The question is how to find the right option that will make sense so you get the best option available. Finding the right solution is about selecting you best option for interest rates, APR, terms and what might fit within your budget when it comes to repayment and affordability. But online personal loan approval will often depend on what you qualify for and not necessarily what you want.

For good to excellent credit scores, personal loans are usually a match. For fair to good credit scores an installment loan might be a more likely option to be eligible for. Those with bad credit scores may need to look at options other than personal loans or installment loans.

Online personal loans are a type of installment loan, meaning the borrower receives a lump sum of money in their bank account (if approved) and agrees to payback a predetermined monthly payment including fees and interest for the amount borrowed until the balance is taken care of.

Online Personal Loans Tips

Compare your options

Start by knowing your credit score and looking at interest rates and APR from lenders that may allow you to borrow and accept your credit range. Also look at all fees and possible penalties associated with a loan, along with amounts that would be available to borrow and repayment terms.

Borrow the right amount

Make sure to not just borrow what you can afford. If you choose a personal loan that has other costs such as an origination fee and need a specific amount, you’ll need to determine how much more you would need to borrow to cover fees, which come out of your requested loan amount. Looking at the monthly payments is a good way to gauge whether the cost will fit with your budget and what you can afford. Details like monthly payments and more can be found in the loan agreement, which is made available to review when applying and should be read thoroughly before signing.

Know the costs of borrowing

It is essential that you read all terms, conditions and loan documents before signing so that you are completely familiar with any costs to you. Many personal loans can come with fees, so look at the APR and not just interest rates.

For those that have a poor credit history the cost of borrowing is likely higher, and there are options for loans with bad credit if required.

Online Personal Loans – Questions and Answers

It’s easier than most people think, since you can apply online for personal loans and do not need to rely just on banks or credit unions. When you have selected a lender you are comfortable with you simply complete the online application to get started and it can take a matter of minutes to apply. Not everyone is eligible, and knowing your credit score can help you determine whether you should apply for another option for borrowing such as online installment loans or something else.

After completing an application and accepting an offer, along with all verification paperwork, the actual turnaround can be fairly quick. While the approval process may take a few days to gather and check, once everything is taken care of, the disbursement of a loan can be 1-5 business days from the lender. Many lenders are fairly quick with disbursement, but each have their own schedules and methods for loans.

An unsecured personal loan is a type of installment loan with a fixed rate where you make scheduled monthly payments for a set length of time (term) until the loan amount, interest and fees have been paid in full. With a secured personal loan you have the option of fixed or variable rates.

Depending on your credit score, it is often possible to get a personal loan with bad credit, although you will pay higher interest rates. For those with very bad credit such as below 580 can be extremely difficult and may require a co-signer or to pursue getting a secure loan where you put up collateral. Some look for loans with no credit check which is another way of borrowing, but this a high interest option. 

This can be different for everyone, since the actual loan available to you would depend on your credit rating and history, which helps lenders determine your trustworthiness and decide on what interest rates or APR would be available. An unsecured personal loan does not require collateral and available to those approved to use however they would like.

When looking for options to borrow for personal loans such as a $5000 loan or $10,000 loan there are certain factors that can affect the interest rate and amount available to borrow, such as your credit score, length of term to borrow, debt to income ratio, credit utilization, along with income and other outstanding loans you may have.

If you do not have an income from employment some lenders may still consider your application for online loans on social assistance with e transfer options for fast funding when approved. Every lender is different, and few personal loan options might accept income options such as receiving government benefits. However, in a situation like this an installment loan might be more suitable.

There are a number of advantages and disadvantages with borrowing an unsecured personal loan. Some of the reasons in your favour include; it doesn’t require collateral like a secured loan. It usually costs less than a credit card cash advance or a payday loan. You can get the money fairly quickly if approved, and you have a reasonable amount of time to repay your loan according to the terms you’ve agreed to.

The range of the interest rates will vary for everyone and depends on several things, including your income, credit history, score and more. It is important to realize that the interest rates are one part of the cost of the loan. The total cost of the loan is based on annualized percentage rate (APR) and involves the interest rate along with any other associated fees. Learn more about rates

Checking your rate will not affect your credit score. Lenders will sometimes do a soft check to prequalify your request, which does not impact your score. If you choose to proceed in your application with a lender after being pre qualified to get pre approved this can impact your score, which will usually return to where it was previously. This can vary, depending on other credit related activities like making payments on time.

Good Cheddar helps consumers identify and compare personal loans with online approval, and while they are not a lender, they can make it easier for you to find one that could be right for you. 

If a personal loan is not right for you, choose another option that might be suitable.

If you have other concerns you can check the frequently asked questions page for more info. 

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