Travel Loans

If you’re dreaming of visiting a far off land or an adventure in a foreign city, then a travel loan is possibly in the cards for you. Saving up for a big trip can take time, and if you’re hoping to get away sooner, considering a travel loan starts to make sense.

Imagine wandering the streets of Paris, the markets of Marrakesh, the districts of Tokyo, or maybe you’ve always wanted to stand in the middle of Times Square. Maybe your dream getaway is to enjoy the beaches of Hawaii, the Gold Coast, Boracay or Bali. 

Perhaps you are just interested in seeing more of Canada and would like a travel loan so that you might visit Tofino, Banff, Calgary, Toronto, Nova Scotia or somewhere else. If you are interested in visiting a Canadian city like Toronto or Vancouver or enjoying the great outdoors, there are lots of places in Canada to visit. Travel loans make it possible to make your dreams or plans happen sooner, which means you can enjoy those experiences sooner too. Or you might have bigger plans and hope to see Europe or somewhere else. When you get a travel loan it is up to you where your adventure might lead you to. 

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Travel Loans Canada

No matter what your plans involve, a travel loan can be a way to help make your dreams come true and allow you to visit the places you dream of. You might even have plans to get married soon and might be considering wedding loans to help with the expenses, including travel for your honeymoon. Travel loans are a personal loan with a purpose that can allow you to take care of your goals much sooner than if you were to save until you had the necessary funds. Using credit or loans in this way can make things happen sooner and you would take care of the monthly payments for the term of the loan. 

It’s up to you how you might go about using an online travel loan, but our advice would be to save up for some of it rather than borrowing for the whole trip. This will prove more beneficial to you by borrowing less. Planning a trip is often exciting, especially if it means travelling to a place you’ve dreamed about or thought about a lot. As the anticipation builds, you might even consider ways to supplement your income or temporarily cut back on expenses so that you would be able to save more quickly.

Getting a travel loan for your vacation or holiday starts by comparing the options available. When comparing online loans the following should be considered:


  • Check your credit score before you start looking for a travel loan. If it is lower (like low 600’s) it can be worth trying to improve your score since it means you could save on what you pay in interest for amount borrowed.
  • Only borrow what you need, and what you can afford. Your monthly payments should work with your budget and income.
  • When reviewing any travel loan options, always read the agreement before signing. Look for possible extra fees, pre-payment penalties or similar.


Only you can decide what is the right choice. Since it can take a while to save up, some prefer to take a personal loan for travel and make the monthly payments as opposed to saving up for their entire adventure.

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Personal Loan for Travel

If you want to get out in the world, most would assume you need to save up for travel and adventure. If you’re lucky, after a couple years you might have put away enough for that big trip you’ve dreamed of. If that sounds like it would take too long, you could try a travel loan.

If you’re hoping to jet away to tropical beaches, cultural havens, shopping meccas or something in between, there’s a whole world that awaits. For those looking for ways to help finance their trip, a personal loan for travel is an unsecured loan that allows you the freedom to visit the places you’ve dreamed of. While some choose to use a credit card, this high interest option can leave you with debt that may take longer than you might expect to pay off.  If you’re only making the minimum payments on credit card debt, it will probably take a very long time to pay off, and might just cost you even more in interest than a personal loan for travel.

Can You Get a Loan to Travel?

If you have ever dreamed off seeing new places and wondered can you get a loan to travel, the answer it yes.

Many Canadians would like to see more of the world, but saving up for a holiday can be slow process. Choosing a personal loan for travel can be the ticket to getting to your destination faster. When considering a personal loan for travel to fund your dream trip or next holiday, it can be a great way to finance your travels, so long as you are aware of a few things beforehand.


  • The cost of borrowing (i.e. interest on a loan) means you will pay more up front
  • You will likely carry that debt for a while as you pay it off


While it might seem obvious, it’s important that all are on the same page and understand what is involved. At the same time, you will be able to enjoy a vacation much sooner than if you were to try to save up for it.

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A vacation or travel personal loan allows you to enjoy experiences now and make scheduled payments afterwards, much like most other unsecured personal loans. Using a travel loan to book airfare, hotels or other travel expenses should start with determining how much you might be able to afford in monthly payments. This is important because you want to ensure that you make your payments and maintain your credit score. Otherwise, the next time you go to borrow your credit report might be damaged by late payments. 

Some quick tips for your trip to help you make the most of a travel loan:

  • For better rates, book ahead 3 months, up to 5 months with international.
  • The time of year you book your travels for does make a difference
  • Booking your travels during a weekday can help to save at times
  • If you don’t mind connecting flights or stopovers, it’s another way to save
  • Don’t forget to check the airline websites, sometimes they have deals too
  • Being flexible with departure and/or arrival times can help save too

Choosing a personal loan for travel can enable you to create memorable experiences to enjoy and even allow you to act when you find travel deals. If you’re comfortable with being committed to making payments for your adventures then this could be a viable option to see and do more.