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When you need fast funds, choosing an e-transfer loan can be a quick solution when on disability assistance.

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Online loans on disability assistance with eTransfer can provide fast funds to your account when your application has been approved.

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Choosing eTransfer Loans

When your main source of income is a disability assistance benefit it can be a challenge to get approved for a loan with some lenders.

Fortunately there are some that accept disability assistance as an income and will consider your application when applying. These options usually include payday loans and installment loans as possible options when looking to borrow. 

When choosing a payday loan with e-transfer option, many prefer this since it can provide the funds in your account more quickly. Many e transfer loans have same day funding and the money is deposited within an hour or two after being approved. This can make e transfer payday loans one of the fastest options for quick cash when you need it. 

There are only so many options when you need quick cash. If you have something of value a pawn shop might be an option. If you have a credit card you could consider a cash advance. But for many these are not options and when you need to borrow now it’s good to know that there are always options for 24/7 loans with online lenders available. 

The requirements when applying for e transfer Loans on disability assistance are straightforward for what is needed to be considered.

  • 18 years of age or older
  • Bank account is active and more than a month old
  • Receiving disability benefits by direct deposit
  • Meet any minimum income requirements

While not all lenders are the same, these are common requirements for e-transfer payday loans among lenders that will consider disability assistance for an income.

Get the funds that you need with an e-transfer disability loan.

When it comes to borrowing, GoodCheddar can help to connect you with a lender to fit your needs. 


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Even those with bad credit can get matched with a lender and are often approved for an installment loan.

The amount you can borrow will depend on things like your income, repayment terms you select, credit score and similar factors. 

If you are approved for a loan most lenders may provide your funds in about 1-2 business days, with some providing same day funding.

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e Transfer Payday Loans Canada

When you need a fast loan, choosing e-transfer payday loans can be the answer if you have a disability benefit for your income. GoodCheddar makes it easier to find e-transfer loan options to help when you can use fast funds. Getting an installment loan or e-transfer payday loans is a fast option in Canada for when you have bills or other needs for fast cash.  

To learn more about e-Transfers please visit this page for further details.