Government Programs Canada for Financial Assistance

Financial services to help with food, utilities, rent, financial relief or assistance at available to many Canadians that qualify through government assistance programs that provide benefits to those in need.

These programs are available to those experiencing financial hardship that might have difficulty making ends meet for a variety of reasons.

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There is also the option of visiting the Government of Canada’s income assistance program to check whether you might be eligible for financial help. There are many programs that exist which include unemployment insurance, disability benefits, and immigration loan programs.

For those that are already receiving benefits there are social assistance loan options that can be an option when unexpected expenses come up and a need for funds occurs. Taking a loan while on social assistance should be used with caution, since it would add to your monthly costs as you would have scheduled payments that you would be responsible for to repay your loan. Some will choose to take a longer term so they can lower the monthly payment, but it should be clear that this usually increases the cost of the loan. When you take a longer term for a loan, it has pros and cons. Your monthly payments can come down, but the cost of borrowing will go up and you’ll have more interest to pay. There is no right or wrong answer, so long as you are aware of how it can affect you. Choosing what’s right for you depends on your own financial situation and what you can afford as monthly payments.

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