No Refusal Payday Loans Canada


When you need fast cash, choosing no refusal payday loans in Canada is an option for some. Even with a poor credit history, borrowing is not impossible, but your loan request can depend on several factors. 

When you hear of a no refusal loan, this is referring to payday loans, which are the easiest loan to get approved for. Since payday lenders rarely use credit scores to review applications as they know most people applying will have a poor score. For this reasons, lenders will rely on other methods when reviewing applications. Since it is easier to qualify for a payday loan, it has earned the name of no refusal loans. While approval is not guaranteed with a payday loan, many that apply will probably qualify or be eligible.

When an application is submitted, the lender will look at your creditworthiness or overall risk to help them determine how likely you are to repay the loan plus interest and any fees. Since a no refusal or guaranteed approval loans can have a high default rate of borrowers, lenders are cautious because approving all applications would likely put a lender out of business quickly. Any sort of loan suggesting no refusal, no denial or guaranteed approval is simply a method used since it’s known that customers look for this option.

The idea of a Canadian no refusal payday loan might sound great, it is important to make clear that this can’t possibly apply to everyone. You can be sure that even with bad credit you have a good chance to qualify for payday loan approval. However, whether that might be a no refusal loan is not assured. While some look for bad credit payday loans with guaranteed approval or no refusal instant loans in Canada, it’s important that you understand a few things before you consider applying. 

Allow us to clarify what this kind of loan is about and what you can expect, so that you can make an informed decision if you choose to apply. 

No Refusal Payday Loans

Most that look for no refusal payday loans or any type of instant loan with guaranteed approval or similar are probably aware that they have a poor credit history and limited options. They probably also know that they will have to pay a higher interest rate in order to be approved. So long as this is clear, shopping for no refusal payday loans and understanding the terms along with the fact that there are no guarantees even when saying no refusal or guaranteed approval allows consumers to make better decisions and understand the options that are available.

When in a situation where you have no savings, need money quickly, and your borrowing options are limited, a no refusal payday loan can be appealing since it sounds to provide an instant solution. Many lenders understand that a credit profile prevents some people from applying for other options like personal loans. 

No Refusal Payday Loans Canada

You might be concerned with a current situation and coming up with the funds quickly, so there are a few things that you should do before accepting this type of loan. For starters, make sure that you fully read and understand the agreement for this type of loan before you sign.

Read over the terms carefully and ask questions of the lender if anything is not clear. Also make sure that you are familiar with the payment schedule and what the total amount is that will be withdrawn from your account when due. Once you have signed you are legally bound to the terms of the agreement, so take the time before signing to make sure everything is clear.

What are Payday Loans with No Refusal?

As it might imply, any payday loans with no refusal would suggest that anyone can be approved. While you might be interested in and looking for payday loans with no refusal, you should know that any website or lender making such claims should be carefully considered. A no refusal payday loan in Canada is a decision to be made with caution, but if you are comfortable with the rates and idea of sharing your bank statements through instant bank verification (IBV) then you should be able to find an option for consideration. You can find options online for no refusal payday loans 24/7 which provide fast funds when you need them.

Allow us to clear up a few details, because this can be misleading. Overall, lenders do not approve loans without looking into the application and the applicant. There are no guarantees, and the idea of payday loans with no refusal might sound appealing but the reality is they do not exist. However, through our network of lenders you will find that your options can be good, and while guaranteed approval or no refusal loans isn’t exact, it isn’t far off either. Meaning that there are lenders that will approve most applications. To say that no refusal loans almost exist is about as close as you might get, but we will mention again that mention of guaranteed approval loans can be deceptive that creates the wrong idea or impression. It is most likely that because consumers look for this option that some lenders will promote this way.

No Refusal Payday Loan Tips

While there isn’t an option of actual guaranteed approval or no refusal payday loans, there are thing to know that can help you with increasing your chances of your loan request being approved.

The basics of a payday loan have several requirements that are common with many lenders:

  • Canadian citizen or resident
  • Active chequing account with direct deposit
  • Personal details like name, address, phone, email
  • Proof of recurring reliable income

For some lenders a reliable income requires employment. For others the options can include benefits like disability and other sources. Unless a lender says specifically that they only take applications with employment, then it can be assumed that other options are possibly accepted.

Most payday loan lenders will require you to go through the IBV (instant bank verification) process when applying. Part of this is for them to evaluate risk of a borrower, and validating the information provided. It also allows them to review your bank account activity for making decisions to see things like whether you are late on payments, currently have multiple loans, carry much debt and other potential issues. This also provides a lender with insight on your current debt situation, and when compared with your income, help them to decide if your debt is going to be a problem for them to get paid back on a loan, if they were to approve you. To complete the application process most lenders are also likely to require the signing of a PAD (pre-authorized debit) agreement to allow them to withdraw payments toward the loan on scheduled dates.

No Refusal Payday Loans Canada 24/7

Finding fast funds or instant payday loans with no refusal can be a challenge, and some also look for no paperwork loans with bad credit. It is possible to find instant payday loans with no refusal 24/7 as they exist online and in many cases they don’t require faxing or paperwork of any kind. Applying for online loans with instant approval and no paperwork is as easy as completing the online application form and waiting for a decision, which is often just a matter of a few minutes. 

You might think twice to call these no questions asked payday loans because no matter what the lenders are going to want some details. From your contact info and employment to some proof of being a Canadian citizen and some other info, a no questions asked payday loan with no refusal would be unlikely. But there are some instant payday loans with no refusal 24/7 because there are a number of lenders willing to take a chance on people with bad credit.

The advantage of looking online is there are options lots of options available almost anytime. You can find payday loans 24/7 and no refusal or no denial options exist. A no refusal payday loan is similar to a guaranteed approval option. When considering these types of loans it is important that you read the entire agreement, understand the terms and what your payments will be, along with any other fees. Avoid surprises when borrowing and make sure that you understand the terms of no refusal payday loans before signing.

Reasons you can be denied when applying for no refusal payday loans:

  • You have too many unpaid loans
  • You carry too much debt overall
  • You have a history of defaulting on loan payments
  • You don’t qualify for the amount you applied for
  • You have or applied for bankruptcy or consumer proposal
  • You do not meet minimum income requirements
  • You don’t have a chequing account (required by most)
  • You don’t have direct deposit for your bank account
  • You don’t have an active Canadian bank account
  • You don’t have a Canadian address
  • You are not a Canadian citizen or resident
  • You did not provide the required personal details requested
  • You requested too large an amount to borrow
  • You are paid in cash and don’t have a history for IBV to confirm
  • You did not complete all steps like IBV or signing the PAD (pre-authorized debit) agreement
  • You did not pass the IBV step, which is for account verification and looks at most of above

Other reasons your loan request to be denied can include:

  • You are paid in cash (no banking history)
  • You have a thin credit profile that does not provide much info
  • You submitted the wrong bank account with application (IBV step)
  • You have a joint account with someone that has credit issues
  • You might have a lack of employment history
  • Not of legal age (18 or older in most provinces)
  • You made errors with the details on your application
  • You left some fields blank on your application
  • Your income was considered unstable or inconsistent (employment history)
  • Your employment history at current job is too short
  • You have not lived at current address very long
  • You are overdue on current loan payments
  • You don’t have sufficient history in your bank account (usually at least 3 months)
  • You have had a recent consumer proposal or bankruptcy
  • Your credit profile has derogatory marks
  • Your credit utilization is higher than it should be

This is not to say that these cover every reason your loan request might be refused, but does provide many of them. Your debt to income ratio can also be a factor, such as when you have more than 30% of your income going to payments for loans and debt, which suggests to lenders you may have difficulty repaying them and your loan request might be considered a risk by a lender.

Your bank account usually needs to be a chequing account, and it should be the one you receive your salary as well as pay your bills from. The reason for this is many payday lenders don’t use a credit score, but alternative data, often through IBV which provides the lender insight to your finances. From being able to verify that your income is the amount you say and coming from what you have suggested to be the source, to looking at other aspects of your finances. This can include reviewing whether you make payments on time, have an account in collections, have NSF charges, what your debt to income ration might be, and after your financial commitments such as bills, loans and debt how likely you are to make your loan payments.

Not every lender is the same, and while some require employment, others may consider benefits as a source of income when applying for payday loans. Others may consider other income sources like Social Benefit Income, Employment Insurance, Disability Pension, Canada Pension,Old Age Pension, Child Tax Benefit, Provincial Disability, Veterans Disability Pension, Workers’ Compensation and similar. In cases like this, the lender often prefers to see at least 3 months to have been placed in your account to show a history of regular payments.

No Refusal Installment Loans Canada

When looking in Canada for no refusal installment loans you might find many lenders do a credit check. But there are lenders that do not depend on your credit rating. These types of lenders are more likely to rely on the results of  IBV to review your account. It’s safe to say that every lender uses some sort of reference from credit scores to alternative data like an IBV check to review a loan request. Lenders that us an IBV when reviewing an application would not be considered no refusal payday loans or installment loans, but lenders which rely on alternative data to review an application. Finding no refusal installment loans 24/7 is another online option for borrowing that can quickly assist you with urgent funding needs. 

Finding no refusal installment loans in Canada is fairly easy when looking online, and places like GoodCheddar make it easy to discover lenders and opportunities that might help. When looking for installment loans with no refusal, it is important to realize that there are no such thing as guaranteed approval that no refusal instant loans or installment loans require evaluating an application to ensure a loan is repaid. A lender would soon be out of business if all applications passed through and there was no refusal. But there are some lenders that make it easier than others, although these loans can often include higher interest rates much of the time. If you qualify for an installment loan, it is often a better option since the term is longer and the payments would be less. This is a fixed rate option that usually requires a credit score of 580-600 minimum (depending on lender) and would be advised over a payday loan if you are eligible. Note than unlike most payday loans, typically the lenders of an installment loan will look at your credit score. In Canada the main credit bureaus to provide your score are TransUnion and Equifax.

No Refusal Instant Loans

What’s more difficult to find are easy instant loans with no credit check, because even if a lender is not using the main credit bureaus, they do use alternative data which is a different kind of credit check, before making a decision. 

Another type of option that’s also misleading is the idea of no bank verification payday loans in Canada because most lenders require this step for repayment. Using IBV is part of how a borrower makes a decision. The IBV process allows a lender to review bank statements, which allows them to analyze and verify your income while helping them with credit decisioning about your loan request. It also assist with verifying the info of an applicant. Getting an instant loan with no refusal is easier said than done, because lenders must carefully review applicants before approving requests.

A legitimate lender using IBV isn’t asking for your login details. They will use a service and never see this info. A direct lender also needs your bank account number and the bank transit number for both depositing funds if approved, along with receiving repayment. In Canada, companies like Flinks and Inverite provide lenders an option to review your info through encryption that is secure for you to use. While you can sometimes find instant payday loans with no refusal and no IBV check you always have to be cautious about the legitimacy of the lender. Probably the majority of Canadian lenders for anything similar to no refusal payday loans will require IBV as part of the process before approving and funding an instant loan request.

As you search in Canada for no refusal instant loans or payday loans you should always look beyond the loan and also consider the lender’s reputation since you will probably need to provide IBV access during the process so they can review whether they would consider your application.

Since we work with many lenders you can easily find no refusal instant loans or payday loans Ontario, BC, Alberta, Quebec and most other provinces. It doesn’t matter if you are looking for a no refusal loan of $500, $3,000 or even more in Canada. Even with bad credit you should have a good chance of approval through our network. While there isn’t guaranteed approval you will have a good opportunity that a direct lender would consider your application. A no denial loan is not unlike a no credit check or no bank verification or guaranteed approval loan. Since lenders need to manage the risk of lending, they’ll sometimes offer what people are searching for, but it should be know that these options are high interest loans. Many of them have a quick process, near instant approval and faster funding when approved.

Any sort of unsecured personal loans for bad credit from direct lenders with an instant decision in Canada is likely to require IBV in order to be considered for approval. Other requirements typically include being employed or some sort of benefits like odsp or similar (depends on lender) along with an active checking account and meeting any minimum income requirements there might be. 

How to Apply for No Refusal Loans Online

Start by clicking here to be taken to our bad credit loan page, the most suitable option for someone looking for a no refusal loan option. Complete the online application and submit your request.

Not every lender is the same, and we work with many, with some of the more common requirements for borrowing to include:

  • Canadian citizen with a Canadian bank account
  • Your bank account should be chequing with direct deposit
  • Usually employment is required, but some lenders accept benefits
  • Any debt or other outstanding loans may possibly affect your approval
  • You should not have a history of excessive late payments, bankruptcy, consumer proposal or similar

Once you submit your application a decision is usually made quickly. Depending on the time that you apply, sometimes you can get funded the same day.

Completing your application with accuracy will also help with your chances of approval, and skipping any required details usually only causes delays in the process.

Goodcheddar is not a lender, but works with several and can assist you with finding a loan within our marketplace network. Click apply above to get started.

No Refusal Payday Loans Ontario

From Toronto to just about anywhere in Ontario a no refusal payday loan online is going to be easy to find for most. When dealing with bad credit and you have financial issues to take care, finding a borrowing solution can be a challenge. But finding no refusal payday loan in Ontario is not that difficult when you search online for options. When there is a need to borrow an Ontario no refusal payday loan can be a big help at times. 

No Refusal Payday Loans Alberta

Those living in Calgary, Edmonton and other part of Alberta find no refusal payday loans easy to locate when searching online. Place like GoodCheddar facilitate online borrowing options for Canadians and make it easier to locate what options might be available to them. Living in Alberta can be great, and more affordable than other parts of the country, but sometimes there are financial matters to deal with. Having options like Alberta no refusal payday loans can be a definite advantage to have as an option at times.

No Refusal Payday Loans BC

From Vancouver and Surrey to all across the province of British Columbia you can find no refusal payday loans almost anywhere in Canada when looking online. Loans in BC are as easy to find as anywhere else in Canada and can help when looking for an option to borrow a short term loan to help with bills or other expenses. Unlike other options, bad credit isn’t usually an issue to borrowers when looking for this type of option.

Can I Trust IBV When Getting A Loan?

Some wonder if instant bank verification (IBV) is safe. The short answer is yes. It’s usually a requirement of online lenders in Canada for options like payday loans which helps them to review a request and determine the risk. IBV is a secure way to transfer financial information which uses bank level encryption. The lender sees a a temporary copy of your bank statement which helps to verify who you say you are, and your income. This does not allow access to your account, but provides a snapshot.

Your grandparents visited the bank, while your parents drove to an ATM to get cash, but now it’s about online options. With IBV, lenders never see your login. IBV makes the process of borrowing faster and easier. Before it was available, people looking for online loans needed to send attachments or fax docs for verification purposes. Most banks are capable of IBV, with some having additional steps required as a form of security. 

Are No Refusal Payday Loans A Bad Idea?

Many would not advise applying for high interest loans like this since it is a costly way to borrow. However, if you have the facts you will be able to make your own decision about whether it’s right for you. Those with a bad credit score don’t have many borrowing options, and when you have bills, repairs or other reasons where you need quick cash but lack the funds or savings, your options might be limited. When you truly need the funds and out of options, only you can decide what’s right for you. 

Some consider payday loans predatory, while others might suggest they provide an option to people that have a bad credit score or other reasons making it difficult for them to borrow.

In Canada, lenders are not permitted to charge over 47% for interest rates for high interest loans. This is to include all fees, costs and interest that you’ll pay to get the loan.

The maximum allowable annual percentage rate (APR) with high interest loans (excluding payday loans) is 60%. The APR rate is different than the interest rate because it would include any other costs or fees that might be involved. The APR of a loan is also a better representation of the true cost for borrowing.

Finding the Right Lender for No Refusal Payday Loans in Canada 24/7

Choosing a lender when you have a good credit score is easy, but when you only qualify for no refusal payday loans it can be another story. Some things to look for can include whether they have extra fees, do they try to force you to take insurance on the loan, and how they are during the process along with how they answer your questions. You want to choose a lender that would seem to be straight with you, and not one that is only concerned with you signing an agreement. Even when you need the money quickly, you should still try to use appropriate judgement before signing with a lender. It’s also advised to use ones that are licensed in your province and responsive to any inquiries. 

The Canadian Lenders Association (CLA) estimates about 5 million Canadians rely on alternative lenders and says that lenders need to charge enough interest to cover the credit losses expected on loans that are not repaid. Payday lenders usually do not rely on credit score and use alternative data for making decisions, but no matter the source of this info, the borrower of payday loans is higher risk and up to 20% (or more) will default and not pay their loan. Comparatively, banks can be about 1.5%.

How much can I borrow with No Refusal Loans in Canada

The various provinces have individual rules and regulations for payday loans about how much you can borrow, length of the term and what lenders can charge.


ProvinceMax cost per $100 borrowedMax loan amountMax loan termMax fee for a returned cheque or pre-authorized debitAdditional information
$1,500 (up to 50% of your net income)
62 days
There’s a cooling-off period to cancel the loan of two business days. If you are unable to repay your loan on time, lenders have the option to charge a maximum interest rate of 2.5% per month (non-compounding) on the outstanding balance owed. Rollover loans are not allowed.
British Columbia
$1,500 (up to 50% of your paycheque)
62 days
There’s a cooling-off period to cancel the loan of two business days. If you are unable to repay your loan on time, the lender can charge additional interest at 30% per annum on the outstanding loan amount. Rollover loans are not allowed.
42 – 62 days
There’s a cooling-off period to cancel the loan of two business days. Rollover loans are not allowed.
$1,500 (up to 50% of your take-home pay)
62 days
There’s a cooling-off period to cancel the loan of two business days. If you are unable to repay your loan the lender can charge interest on the outstanding amount at a maximum rate of 30% per annum. Rollover loans are not allowed.
$1,500 (up to 30% of your net pay)
62 days
There’s a cooling-off period to cancel the loan of 48 hours (excluding Sundays and public holidays) to cancel the loan.
Newfoundland and Labrador
$1,500 (up to 50% of your net income)
62 days
There’s a cooling-off period to cancel the loan of two business days. Rollover loans are not allowed.
New Brunswick
$1,500 (up to 30% of your net pay)
62 days
There’s a cooling-off period of 48 hours (excluding Sundays and public holidays) to cancel the loan. Rollover loans are not allowed.
Nova Scotia
62 days
There’s a cooling-off period to cancel the loan of the next business day to cancel the loan (two days for online payday loans). Lenders can charge you up to 30% annual interest if you fail to repay your loan on time.
Prince Edward Island
62 days
There’s a cooling-off period to cancel the loan of two business days. Rollover loans are not allowed without proof that at least seven days have passed since you paid off the full balance on the initial loan.


Do I Need Loan Insurance?

Some lenders will offer loan insurance, but this is an option to you. A few may even make it sound like this is a requirement. But a lender can never insist that you get loan insurance.

No Refusal Loans Canada

Your best option for no refusal loans in Canada might not be what you expect. Even if you are dealing with a lender that says they do not use a credit score to evaluate an application, it is often the case where those without much debt and better credit scores are going to be more likely to be approved for a loan application over someone that has debt, multiple unpaid loans and more debt. Improving your credit score puts you on the right path towards not being refused for loan requests. While these are not guaranteed approval loans, you could say that this would put you a lot closer to no refusal loans. 

Note that a payday loan is an expensive way to borrow and should be a last resort, and that making sure to make your payments on time can help to avoid other financial issues in the future. 

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A quick reminder to always review a loan agreement before signing and make sure you understand the terms, fees, costs, repayment plan and practice responsible borrowing so the option is available if you need to borrow again in the future.