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EasyFinancial has been providing Canadians a borrowing solution for years and has helped over 600,000 customers with various secured and unsecured loan products over the years. 


With a higher approval rate and lower minimum income requirement, EasyFinancial has been a popular option for those with poor or fair credit scores that might find it difficult to come up with alternative lenders that would approve their application. 

Advantages of Borrowing with EasyFinancial

Borrow up to $50,000 – loans from $1,000 – $35,000

Flexible loan terms – Personal loan terms range from 9 to 60 months

Interest rates – interest rates can be as low as 9.99% for good credit profiles

Disadvantages of Borrowing with EasyFinancial 

Interest rates – steep interest rates that can be up to 46.96% for poor credit profiles

Possible prepayment penalties – There might be penalties for early repayment 

Other feesPossible NSF (non-sufficient funds) penalties may apply 

What to Know about EasyFinancial

Applying with easyfinancial involves many of the standard requirements, such as being 18 plus years of age (depending on province), employed and meeting minimum to name a few. Some of the other requirements for applying with easyfinancial might also include government ID such as a driver’s license or passport, recent pay stubs, or possibly a T4 slip or other proof of income. A utility bill for proof of address might be asked. A void cheque, pre-authorized debit form, or recent 30-day bank statement. 

With over 400 stores across Canada, easyfinancial is known as an alternative when you need to borrow an installment loan or personal loan that can be processed quickly. Same day funding is sometimes possible, with affordable payment options for an assortment of loan options.

With a straightforward loan application process, you should read the loan agreement, as with any lender. This will tell you the terms, fees, interest rates and related so that there are no surprises when it comes to repayment.

Easy Financial FAQs

How to qualify for a loan with easyfinancial?

Simply apply online or at one of the many locations. 

Is easyfinancial safe?

They are a safe option for borrowing that has been around many years. 

How to get the funds from easyfinancial if approved?

The funds can be deposited to your account or available by e-transfer