Canada’s Personal Finance Experts

If you are interested in Canadian finance blogs for tips, insights and advice on how to manage your personal finances, we have the best of the best for you.

They talk about getting out of debt, how to save money, improve your credit score, borrowing online and much more.

We reviewed plenty, and it was no small feat, and we eventually found our top picks for Canada’s personal finance experts.

maple money

Maple Money is about helping Canadians on their ​​financial journey and personal finance goals, to help you live the life you want. Founded by Tom Drake in Alberta, Maple Money aims to help others with taking control of their money and turn their financial life around by explaining how to make money, save, invest and spend.

Favorite Posts:

60 Ways to Make Money Online in 2022 

While Tom has lots of couponing articles, we found this one on making money online to be a great read with lots of suggestions that make it worth checking out. Full of lots of tips, we found a few new to us. Just when we thought we’d seen it all.

How to Buy Stocks in Canada: A Beginner’s Guide 

A great post promising to unlock the mysteries of the stock market, it provides great insight on how to get started, what to know, investing options, some great advice about automation, and a big glossary at the end to help bring you up to speed.

Boomer and Echo is a must read among Canadian personal finance blogs that helps you take control of your finances and shares lessons learned by Robb on his path towards financial freedom.

Favorite Posts:

10 Financial Lessons To Share With Friends 

Essential advice that would seem obvious, but it’s laid out in a well thought out manner that could probably be a game changer for a lot of people.

Stop Checking Your Portfolio 

Insights on developing an investor mindset and why you should ignore  any short-term market fluctuations.

Money We Have

Money We Have is an incredible resource on personal finance and travel by Barry Choi that’s filled with advice to help Canadians make smarter financial decisions. In addition to MoneyWeHave, Barry has worked with a number of Canadian media outlets, including MoneySense, NerdWallet and more.

Favorite Posts:

What is a Good Credit Score? Improve yours now 

A deep dive on everything you might need to know when it comes to your credit score along with some smart advice about managing it.

The Best High-Interest Savings Accounts in Canada 

Barry shares insights on some of the best places to park your money, for the right situation, and what to know when it comes to high-interest savings accounts (HISA).

Half Banked is created for millennials who want to manage their money (and still have a life) and a great read of her personal experiences in money management with plenty of tips and advice to be found. Started by former close-to-broke new grad that’s graduated to a savvy spender, the team at Half Banked continue to share the path to money mastery.

Favorite Posts:

How Much Does It Cost To Have a Dog Per Month? 

A detailed account of the costs of pet ownership, complete with a video of Desirae and Jacob, and we love the conclusion!

Do You Need Mortgage Insurance? No, and Here’s Why Not 

This article makes a clear case for an interesting perspective, and provides an alternative which makes sense. We feel richer already for having read it. 


We became instant fans of Kerry at Squawkfox for her insightful take on personal finance and the obvious passion she has for the topic. It’s a great resource dedicated to helping you improve your financial habits.

Favorite Posts:

5 Personal Finance Tactics for the Real World 

Some smart personal finance tactics that include Erica Alini (reporter with The Globe and Mail) to help avoid poor financial decisions or damaging money habits.

3 Behavioral Science Tricks to Help You Pay Off Debt Faster 

Great insights on paying off debt faster that can help you identify and change your behaviour along with how to avoid predictable patterns and ways to commit to your plan.


Tawcan is a personal finance blog with insights on dividend investing that are very insightful and worth a visit. Bob shares his journey towards financial independence that’s worth a read for practically everyone.

Favorite Posts:

Dividends – A Canadian Dividend Investor’s Dream 

A comprehensive look at dividends and how they can help you to achieve financial independence that’s not to be missed.

Costco Membership Comparison – Is the Costco Executive Membership Worth It 

We’ve heard others have a discussion around this topic more than once, and asked ourselves the same question. This article breaks it down to help you decide if it’s right for you.

Savvy New Canadians is about money, investing, retirement, debt and more, with a focus on helping Canadians become better with their money. It’s operated by Dr. Enoch Omololu, who lives in Manitoba and has a master in finance & investment management. His passion for helping others with money management and finding financial freedom is apparent from his website.

Favorite Posts:

21 Best High-Interest Savings Accounts in Canada 

This article makes some great points, like the fact that the average bank account earns a ‘measly 0.01% on what is supposed to be a savings account’ and makes a strong case for looking into a high-interest savings account.

100 Creative Ways To Save Money On A Low Income 

While there are lots of similar lists, this one manages to get to 100 and they’re all gems. If you’re interested about getting serious when it comes to saving money this article is a must read.

jessica moorehouse

Jessica Moorhouse is determined to help you with financial literacy. She is passionate on the subject and loves to talk about money. She’s also taken steps to building credibility by becoming an Accredited Financial Counsellor, working towards becoming a Certified Financial Planner, and has a great podcast as well.

Favorite Posts:

How to Save Money Fast: Money-Saving Tips You Can Start Today 

This gets back to basics with some helpful reminders on how you can save more and get started right away.

How to Save Money with Rising Costs 

Jessica breaks down the essentials and provides the skinny on shopping, saving, spending and cashback. Her insights on changing your mindset is what makes this article and advice something that could work for many, plus its loaded with other great tips.

eat sleep breathe fi

Chrissy shares her insights on Financial Independence, Retire Early (FIRE) with a penchant for matcha Kit Kats. Her look at living the FIRE life in different cities is nothing short of spectacular along with her take on side hustles, living frugal and more.

Favorite Posts:

You Don’t Need an Emergency Fund (You Need an Emergency Plan) 

A great read on why a plan is much wiser than a fund that contemplates many of the possibilities for you and makes a solid case on why to pivot your thinking.

Financial Literacy for Kids: 10 Effective Ways To Build Good Money Habits 

This article should practically be required reading for parents as it gives you just enough to provide some direction to use with your own kids and create your own plan.

Alyssa shares a fresh take on money with a unique voice (and as she puts it “without getting preachy”) while sharing tips and advice that can make money fun. Also, she assures us it’s a safe space.

Favorite Posts:

30 Life Lessons About Money 

A collection of thoughtful life lessons with something for everyone regardless of age, this roundup of thoughts was a homerun in our books.

40 Prompts To Help You Get Your Financial $hit Together 

An inspiring take on one way to build your relationship with money, deal with debt, budgeting and more, this article delivers on the title.

Million Dollar Journey is a treasure trove of personal finance advice by a fellow that goes by ‘Frugal Trader’ where he has documented his personal finance and investing and shares his path to financial freedom.

Favorite Posts:

25 Best Ways to Save Money in 2022 

This article provides a number of insights you might not have come across before when it comes to ways that you might save money and is a recommended read on the subject.

Financial Freedom 101 

A great read and guide for your financial journey about how to get started towards financial freedom and make your money work for you that deserves a look. 

Canadian Personal Finance Podcasts

In addition to the top Canadian personal finance blogs above, podcasts have grown in a big way recently and we thought it’s only fair that we list some of the ones we thought you should know.

Maple Money Show

Drake from Maple Money also has a podcast on helping Canadians learn more about making, saving and investing money.


A man on a mission, Bruce Sellery aims to inspire people about getting a better handle on their money in hopes that they can live the life they want.

Real Money Talk

A personal finance podcast by the people at featuring knowledgeable guests with real talk on all things money.

The Budget Bitch Podcast

Farrah Turcotte is host of the Budget Bitch Podcast that’s about reducing debt and building net worth through budgeting, while showing you don’t have to sacrifice fun.

Cost of Living

A podcast from CBC on how money can shape our lives and have influence over our day-to-day behaviour that impacts everyday Canadians.


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